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Masters Incubation

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION research group support young students in the development of their Master thesis projects.

Doing your Master thesis within IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION research group grant you a multidisciplinary support, mentorship from all national and international researchers and a differentiating master thesis based on a strong theoretical background with and research in action approach. We actually support the development of your thesis in 9 main knowledge areas:

  1. Innovation;
  2. Marketing;
  3. Design;
  4. Design Thinking;
  5. Advertising;
  6. Branding;
  7. Business development;
  8. Learning;
  9. Entrepreneurship.

Nevertheless is a major opportunity to develop your approach with a scientifically validated methodology based on applied and in field research. Actually we have 18 Master candidates doing their thesis under this approach.

Nome Mestrado Projecto 
Matilde Ferreira Mestrado Design e Cultura visual Service Design  – CM CASCAIS
Sofia Guelha Mestrado Design e Cultura visual Service Design  – CM CASCAIS
Solange Aleixo Mestrado de Marketing EDP- INOVCITY – Smart cities
Joana Barreto Mestrado de Design Management Service Design  – CM CASCAIS
Inês Carvalho Mestrado de Design Management MAJORA
Fernanda Vogt Mestrado de Design Management Design thinking
Sofia Pereira Mestrado de Design Management Design Art / Jewely
Jessica Felix Mestrado de Marketing
Alexandra Garcês Mestrado de Marketing
Pedro Borges Mestrado de Design de Produção
Ricardo Silva Mestrado de Design de Produção
Maria João Ambrósio Mestrado de Design de Produção
Maria João Sintra Mestrado de Design de Produção
João Marcelo Mestrado de Design de Produção
José Rosa Mestrado de Design Management
Edmilson Matos Mestrado de Design Management
Marta D’Avilla Mestrado de Design Management
João Lourenço Mestrado de Design Management

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    You can visit us at:
    5th floor, room 55
    IADE-U Instituto de Arte, Design e Empresa – Universitário
    Av. D. Carlos I, 4
    1200-649 Lisboa, Portugal

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