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Territorial innovation

Territorial innovation

Coordinator:Américo Mateus



Target: Cities, regions and Countries focused on territorial innovation and creativity and branding empowerment for differentation and competitiveness

Following the applied research projects developed from 2009 to 2013, IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION research project aims to evolute from a city dimension for country dimension as well as international methodology and models appliance. Our research questions is: How the city marketing and branding effort done so far can empower and bring more value to the regional and country brand awareness and atractiveness. Scientificly we aim to center our Lab experimental research on how to develop better territorial branding models and tools to achieve better brand positiong, awareness and perception. The project main objective is to expand from a local level to a national level and, latter, to an international level of application of the validated methodology and model already developed.

The specific scientific objective is to answer the research question: How current city marketing and branding efforts can potentiate, empower and bring more added value to regional and country brand building, awareness and attractiveness?

Partners: CM Caldas da Rainha, Turismo da Centro, IPAM LAB, Mons Municipality – Belgium, Wallonia Region in Belgium, VUE SUR MONS passive houses developers


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