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Interactive Quiz Research Cube 4 Kids

Interactive Quiz Research Cube 4 Kids

Quizz Cube is a newest IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION research project from Design Management Master Course.

It arose from the need of having a transversal and versatile tool to be applied in children and youth research contexts. This tool enable researchers to optimize the study research time by providing an intuitive and children friendly tool to gather and analyse data. It has been tested in among several studies and substantiated the ability to obtain truthful and focused answers from children’s’ samples and also avoid external barriers, blocks and distractions.

The main objective of this study is to obtain answers for the provided questions of the cube without barriers and constraints, with real and genuine questions without being influenced by external questions, punctuation or intoning by the tester. It has been developed a prototype model that through artefact semiotics (visual aspect), ergonomics (tactile and physical appearance) and also by auditory guidance (tutor and guide).

The research question arose from the need of understanding children’s answers in a digital game scope. It has been identified problems that required special and efficient mechanism to obtain valid results.

Partnership with: Nutri Ventures


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