Innovation & knowledge transfer to smes

Innovation & knowledge transfer to smes

Coordinator: George Dutschke PhD

Target: SME’s, Incubators Start-ups

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION developed a networking operational model  – LINK UP – to apply the methodology principles and tools on co-innovation challenges. Our Objective is to be a HUB/Platform that links the creative industries actors to the business and academic centers. Our differentation approach is that in this co-innovation effort we join together Incubation centers, mainly focused on start-ups, and existing SME’s for all kind of industies and sectors. Our research question is: Its possible to create and implement sucessefull collaborative innovation if they are developed be “Young Blod” very innovative entrepreneurs and experience businessman together with academic research centers. We provide not only the methods and work system but also a webbased collaborative platform “IDEASCLOUD” that not only allows a best work flow betwenn local start-ups, academic research centers and SME’s but also brings, to all stages of the innovation development process, international partners and networks. By this “HUB” we make it possible that internationalization is the Hearth of the co-innovation effort since the beginning of the process.

Partnership with MADAN Parque Incubator (member of a leading european incubators network) managed by Uninova (FCT/UNL).


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