Consumer Observatory

Consumer Observatory

Coordinator: Sérgio Moreira PhD


Target: Business Organizations focused on People centered Management and Consumer centric feedback for Decision making and control

This project develops a metric system for observation, feedback, dialogue and performance continuous  improvement.

Our scientific objective is to further research Interaction and dialogue measurements indicators (KPI and other scorecards) for real time user feedback and dialogue,  performance monitorization and business intelligence infometrics. The project main objective is to expand the empirical application of the model, tools and processes developed and validated by IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION methodology on previous experimental research, mainly regarding  perception of quality of  service performance, satisfaction and recommendation for organizational continuous improvement processes.

The specific scientific objective is to answer the research question: Which  stakeholders (consumers, clients, employees, suppliers, partners) engagement efficiency drivers for establishing a continuous synchronic  dialogue,  allow organizations to more efficiently control, evaluate just-in-time  and improve performance, and obtain a continuous innovation flow for the co-creation of value?

Partnership with IPAM LAB, EDP Marketing and Business intelligence department , UNINOVA, AWTUERPEN UNIVERSITY, Domoderefontiro and SC3, ECN, VUE SUR MONS passive houses developers


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