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Co-branding and communication

Co-branding and communication

Coordinator: Sara Gancho PhD


Target: Promotion and portuguese culture and language  as a veicule to cooperation and competitiveness

Aplliance of IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION full methodology and process towards internal and external branding and communication strategy development and implementation. The challenge is to develop it “with all Institute Collaborators” internal and external network worldwilde.

The project main objective is to disseminate the CAMÕES brand (Portuguese language and culture) awareness and correct perception (attractiveness) in order to enhance the Institute´s mission to preserve and disseminate Portuguese culture, language and economy, promoting it all over the world.

The specific scientific objective is to answer the research question: Is it valid and operational an internal and external co-creation and innovation communication network for the Portuguese  culture, language preservation and dissemination, worldwide engaging  “with all Institute Collaborators” (stakeholders)?

Partners: CAMÕES Institute for Cooperation and Language; IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION international academic network and research centers.


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