Advanced design technologies

Advanced design technologies

Coordinator: Susana Leonor

PhD Candidate


Target: Creative community and Designers that need new business models regarding the new fabrication tools 3D and Digital ecosystem

Digital Tools for Innovation-  New tools for designers new business opportunities – Training and Incubator Center Focused new Makers Movement and Business models towards all creative industries. As a relevant part of this research project we also have a partnership with IST (instituto Superior técnico) for the development of 3D printed solutions including Inteligence sensorial engineering. The project main objective is to develop, validate and disseminate new tools for designers and creative industries, for new business opportunities and networks  for the development of 3D printed solutions for mechanical production and citizens´science “prosuming” activities.

The specific scientific objective is to answer the research question: Does this “Makers movement” towards consumer/creator/producer, mainly do it yourself approach can be enrich as a successful experience if a the possibilities of products to develop its more multidisciplinary (engeneering, design, electronics)? Does this new “prosumer” have the skills or the learning competences to produce better and more meaningfull products with this blended knowledges?

Partnership com BEEVERYCREATIVE (3D printers manufacturer), SCIENCE4YOU; InvestLisboa; IST (instituto Superior técnico)


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