Social & People Innovation

Neighborhood Cycles

Research Field

Models and Tools to measure innovation, perception, awareness and trust
Diagnostic, Workshops, Field Experiments, Co-living Labs;
Diagnostic, Workshops, Innovation Ideas Validation, Tests;
Diagnostic, workshops, Ideation.
Taylor-Made Innovation Challenges to identify innovation GAPS, idea champions and existing projects;
Innovation Networks development up to go-to-the-market stage and new business development;
Innovation Systems development, fully transferable and self-sustainable to the organizations;
Creative and Innovation Culture development;
Co-shared value programs with a innovation focus and community-building approach;
Tolls and Models fully transferable and applicable to non-governmental organizations(NGO);


Experience in running user centered projects in the field;
Working as designers and lectures in such contexts since 1998;
Innovation Ecosystems that bring people together with the right mindset to change organizations;
Trained and skilled team in social innovation programs;
Validated methodology that proved to work and generate results for all kinds of organizations;
Network and partnerships certifies the access to state-of-the-art case studies in innovation and open learning methodology.


Attractiveness and a consumer/company intersection and dialogue zone;
Early innovation disseminators and evangelist generated by the involvement of clients as an active part of the process
Integrated innovation, ideas to new products, services, communications and brand activation
Empowered and motivated people that get together through the power and adrenaline of ideas, sharing and open the learning focus
Prototypes, detailed services projects and strong insights to communicate with consumers

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION is also about Networks & Ecossystems