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Networks & Ecossystems


Research Field

Consultancy and Advisory to change organizations towards the new industrial revolution;
Interactive Platforms and Models to link consumers and digital fabrication tools;
New Products and Services systems involving consumers and co-creative processes;
Interface Platforms for sharing to enable consumers’ collaboration to identify needs, conceptualize solutions and to design products.


Consumer/creator/producer paradigm;
Technological Revolution its what leads the new industrial context;
Right Mindset regarding the power of technology when used in cooperation and networking;
Trained and Experienced Digital Lab, Digital Factory and the state-of-art in 3D printing technologies guarantees that platforms are strategic HUBs for SMEs to catapult them into the industrial revolution ahead.


Support and online platform where SMEs can share efforts, costs and revenues through synergies, knowledge and competences towards production and promotion;
Established links between people, intelligent technology and businesses.

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION is also about Education & Teaching