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Consumer Trends

co_researchResearch Fields– Market, technology, design, innovation and creativity

Ethnographic Observation studies towards innovation challenge;
Consumer feedback from trained consumers about your ideas;
Service design, experience and feedback to improve consumer’s experience;
Usability Tests to evaluate product, service, website and apps;
Consumer Insights to analyse, gather and define information flows in the organizations;
Service Quality systems to continuous measure quality, satisfaction and brands in constant dialogue with clients;
Web Communication Platforms for listening, dialogue and feedback 24/7 with clients;
Innovation Dashboards


Senior research team with professional, academic and on-field experience;
State-of-art knowledge and scientific information;
International Network of research labs;
Validated and Ongoing international research on Trends Observatory;
Models and Instruments already developed for infometrics;


State-of-art information obtained from in-depth and face-to-face contact with stakeholders;
Full Metric System and innovative programs to organizations maintain a continuous flow of information, informative and validated data;
GAP identification with and within the organizations in “from where we are, to here we should be” logic;
Reports with scientific review, applied methodology, innovation insight and recommendations:

Main Outcome

Observation Reports
Trend Reports
Consumer Experience Reports
Usability Reports
Innovation Platforms

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION is also about Branding