Research Fields – Brand Building, Management and Systems

Tools to analyse and evaluate brand perceptions and brand value;
Brand System ideation, development and implementation;
Brand Building, brand strategy and identity systems;
BMI – Brand Marketing Innovation strategy;
Brand Creation and innovation building;
Integrated Communication plans and strategies to maintain a continuous dialogue and improvement from the stakeholders;
Creative Ideas for brand and marketing communication supports;


Senior Research Team with more than 20 years Branding experience;
Experimental field studies to validate and improve our branding tools for organizations and territories;
Experienced advertising professionals working together to bring advertising to the co-creation field;


Full approach for the company’s brand concerning proximity and always on dialogue;
Real and shared brand value due to the integration of consumer’s perceptions and stakeholders integration in the process;
Enchantment building relationship, engagement and participation from the stakeholders turning them into the first brand evangelists.

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION is also about Social & People Innovation