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International Teaching

Education</br>|International Program

|International Program

Intensive Programme IC2ELAB – Innovation & Creativity to Entrepreneurship was developed from the 4th until the 8th of April, 80 students from 8 nationalities and 8 different Universities –  Howest (Belgium), Stenden Hogeschool (Netherlands), Vistula University (Poland), Bilgi University (Turkey), Hochschule University (Germany), IADE Creative University (Portugal), Fachhochschule Vorarlberg (Austria) and Haaga Helia University (Finland) – worked together in the ‘O Século Foundation’.

In a week full of hard work, innovation, creativity and fun, the challenge was to develop innovative and creative business approaches, based on the IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION methodology and processes. The goal was to create a growth strategy for the smart energy company RE:DY from EDP and for the food sector for TriPortugal. This program was focused on developing an internationalization strategy, in multinational groups, to learn, in real context, innovative and creative processes, essential for developing entrepreneurial ideas.



Education<br/>|FH Vorarlberg

|FH Vorarlberg

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION methodology applied for Creativity and Innovation in Intermedia Design course in VH Vorarlberg. Using creativity dynamics students were encouraged to involve all body in the process and lead an observation process through a diverge-converge- define process to the definition of Dornbirn Brand System.

Education</br>|Int. Creative Lab

|Int. Creative Lab

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION, in partnership with Madan Parque, Give U Design Art and AVANS University will develop in Madan Parque Auditorium, from 13 until 16 May an International Creativity Lab – International Creative Lab – with 50 students from IADE and AVANS University.

The International Creative Lab had the objective to involve students from both institutions during a week for the development of innovation solutions – business model, product, service, technology – or other type of innovation challenge proposed by the incubated companies of Madan Parque.



Americo Mateus runned a 3-month studio named Design Fado & Saudade. This experimental lab studio was focused on emotional driven design, using creativity tools and HANDS ON approach.


Education<br/>|Dornbirn Austria

|Dornbirn Austria

Since 2006, Americo Mateus runs a Consumer Behavior course with the IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION methodology. Co-creation, Design Thinking, Creative Thinking, System Thinking and Holistic Models, helped FH Vorlarberg business students to step out of the box and generate new business insights.

Education<br/>|Howest University

|Howest University

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION were briefed to develop a brand perception evaluation in co-creation dynamics.

Education<br/>|KdG Antuerp

|KdG Antuerp

One week seminar was run on Karel de Grote, for international students on the subject of Creativity for Innovation – Business Course.