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The Drivers


  1. CO-CREATION – Participatory and open innovation models and operational tools to promote engagement and community sense building.
  2. A QUALI/QUANTI – KPI’s INFOMETRIC SYSTEM – A longitudinal control and adjustment metric system based on real time key performance indicators (KPI’S).
  3. SOCIAL SOFTWARE – IT Platform– Original sharing, learning and interaction based web platform called IDEASCLOUD, that allows collaborative work and co-creation of ideas for innovation in dialogue. Its also a Community builder towards open an co-creative innovation drivers.
  4. LIVING HUB’S – From living lab’s to living HUB, a bed consumer test, focused on ideas and innovation validation in real life contexts, supported by IDEASCLOUD Platform and community members.
  5. C4S APP – Real time mobile APP to incorporate citizens for science methodologies. Allows a better and in-depth recruitment, selection of stakeholders and its design to enhance ethnographic observation, ideas sharing and consumers interaction and dialogue with the corporation and territories. The Stakeholders become part of the scientific “Construto design”.