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“an integrated human centred approach to innovation”

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION is an integrated human centered approach to innovation based on Design, Marketing and Creative Intelligence focused on Co-creation and Dialogue.


IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION integrated innovation
The methodological approach of IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION sets links with organizational structures through creative thinking tools and processes. It breaks boundaries and contribute in co-creating with stakeholders more flexible, innovative, competitive and valuable organizations. It is a research project that has already been tested and proven efficient among several industries and territoriesIt applies a design thinking and co-creative methodology for integrated innovation, consumer activation and sustainable development of organizations, brands and territories.

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION is a human centred methodology for enabling the co-creative processes of innovation and value generation, mixing internal and external stakeholders  group dynamics of up to 30 participants.

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION co-creates a better, sustainable innovative open world

IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION is oriented to a new paradigm of co-creating value in context, bringing the consumers into the organization and highly involving them to create new solutions for products and services. This is not an easy task because it doesn’t depend only on having the right tools or establishing strong ties, it mostly depends on our experience on how to make people more creative and dynamically involved and how to make all stakeholders understand and be a part of the creative process.

“helping others” to create new solutions for their every day life!