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IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION Research group is positioned in UNIDCOM as a transversal, aggregator, systemic, application oriented towards de unit research themes.

We are focused on experimental research development methods and our main goal is knowledge transfer to the market.

To the validation of our methodology, methods and tools in a national context we already have an national and international implementation strategy for our research. The next step is increase international validation among different contexts, challenges, cross culture methodological application. Due to our extensive publications and international conferences presence we have been developing a wide international network with academic research units and innovation centers.

We are sharing results and analysis to obtain better insights to validate, obtain feedback and identify cultural drivers and barriers for the methodology improvement as well as fine tuning of models, approaches and tools.

Also, due to our experimental focus in real market contexts, we already have established partnerships with market players organizations connecting IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION research projects with the market. This strategy allow get constant feedback, inputs and insights for further methodological development.

Scientifically, the next stage converges to deeper experimental designed methods focused on the brain, perception, cognition and memory studies to develop self-stering and intuitive the operational models, tools and systems for IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION methodology.

In short we have 3 main focus for the 2015-2020:

Develop an active the IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION network in co-creation between academic based units and Market organizations.

Be specialists in promoting SME’s R&D&I (research, development and innovation) knowledge and skills so they become more competitive and innovative centered organizations.

Create a continuous innovation flows and methodological developments for IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION and partners based on 5 sequential macro processes, Modelization, Experimentation, Cases and Dissemination to the market trough by advance master courses.


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    You can visit us at:
    5th floor, room 55
    IADE-U Instituto de Arte, Design e Empresa – Universitário
    Av. D. Carlos I, 4
    1200-649 Lisboa, Portugal

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